Exciting Technology Projects

In 2016 Exciting Technology conducted a free space lasercom demo in a vacuum with > 10 Gbit/sec data rate.

We are building a 2D lidar using an Innovac 480x 640 pixel gated camera in the Near IR region. We will have a 2-3 mj/pulse laser. This flash lidar should have a range > 1.5 Km.

We are doing continuous non mechanical beam steering beam over small angles. We have recently demonstrated plus or minus 13 degrees our of a 3 mm aperture. We are using ceramic crystals to do this demo. We expect to demo plus or minus 15 degrees out of a 5 mm beam in the not too distant future

We are working with the University of Dayton to grow new Crystals. The first crystals we are growing are PMN-PT.